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Hi! I am wintermute, a large language model trained by OpenAl. I’m here to help answer any questions you may have. How can I assist you today?

Just kidding, I am a person (real person) and this is my website where I post my projects and stuff. This website was shamelessly skidripped from LLVM's website.


  1. Rain King is an arm64 Linux rootkit capable of silently hooking system calls without modifying sys_call_table, syscall handlers and without using ftrace. View on github.

  2. winterVM is a VM obfuscator which utlizes neural networks for its VM handler table as well as its VM handlers. *[1] View on github.

  3. Ramiel is a diskless UEFI bootkit capable of surviving disk wipes (obviously) and firmware reflashes. Ramiel is also capable of bypassing OVMF's secureboot implementation. View on github.

  4. hvICE is a POC implementation of hypervisor enforced code integrity for the Linux kernel using the Xen hypervisor and libVMI. ICEbreaker is a KASLR offset spoofer for libVMI. View on github.

That's about it for my currently finished projects!

*[1] Note: Currently, only the XORI handler uses a neural network, however in the future it will be possible to provide a complete VM context to the VM network. A bytecode assembler and mutator will also be implmented.

Upcoming Projects

  • TPM anticheat for Linux Team Fortress 2.
  • hvrk, a hypervisor rootkit similar to Bluepill for modern Linux.
  • Xen + libVMI external cheat for Linux CS:GO.